API RP 1184


Pipeline Facility Construction Inspection, First Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 10/01/2021



This recommended practice covers the basic requirements needed to
perform inspection activities safely and effectively during onshore
transmission pipeline facility construction. Areas of specialty inspection
are noted and are beyond the scope of this document.
This content can be applied to construction associated with existing
facilities. This recommended practice is not intended to be fully
comprehensive of all systems that may be located within a pipeline
transportation facility.
Users of this recommended practice include operators and those
individuals either engaged in facility construction inspection or seeking
to become certified inspectors. Operators and facility pipeline
inspection service companies may also use this document to develop
their inspection processes and responsibilities for inspectors, and to
develop and enhance their inspector training programs.
This recommended practice was based on The Practical Guide for
Facilities Construction Inspectors, developed in partnership by the
INGAA Foundation and the CEPA Foundation, and supports
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 for resilient

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