Performance Specification for Ultrasonically welded wire terminations
standard by SAE International, 04/05/2016



This specification defines test methods and performance criteria for evaluating ultrasonically welded wire-to-terminal metallurgical bonds. The examples used are specific to the linear weld type of process equipment. USCAR-38 is not applicable for “Splice Welding”. The specification is applicable to wire-on-pad configurations with a typical weld shown in Figure 1. This test specification subjects parts under test to environmental exposures to simulate a lifetime of field exposure for a road vehicle. Exposures called-out in this specification include Thermal Shock, Temperature Humidity Cycling and mechanical abuse. This test specification is intended to evaluate the strength and performance of the interface between wires to an electrical terminal. Validation of the performance of the Terminal is a separate task and can be accomplished using a component validation test such as SAE/USCAR-2, which evaluates whether the entire connection system is acceptable.

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